With the new restrictions brought in on the 29th March 2021 and expected to last until April 19th, Rhodos will remain open for all our regular menu items and takeout coffees and treats. As per the original lockdown in 2020 you will be welcome to enter the establishment to place your orders of takeout food, beverages, Coffee Beans and other goodies. You are also welcome to enjoy one of our limited outdoor tables with your favorite menu item or beverage. But please mind your time as diners will take priority. Delivery of Wholesale Coffee Beans in the immediate area will continue. Shipping Wholesale coffee outside the area will continue as always.

I want to pass on that Shannon, Alex, myself and all our staff appreciate your continued business over the next few weird weeks. We will take the opportunity over that period for the continued improvement within our establishment to make your future visits even more enjoyable.

The protection of our Guests, staff and the Community are of paramount importance to Rhodo’s and our team. So, in response to the ongoing COVID 19 health orders we will take the following posture;

As directed by health officials Rhodo’s will be asking all patrons remained masked while not at their seats. We will still be providing sit down dining with limited seating outside as directed. We would ask that you be considerate of the time you occupy our limited seating as our remaining open relies on us being able to turn tables to meet our financial commitments and pay our hard-working staff.  Our COVID-19 protocols in-place ensure the safety of staff and customers are of first priority. We still provide our full menu for takeout please call 250-338-5592. We are determined to keep ourselves and the community safe by sanitizing all surfaces between customers and maintaining well sanitized washrooms and all staff areas. Although your patronage is appreciated to keep our doors open during these uncertain times, if you are showing signs of illness related to COVID-19 or are unsure of your status we would ask you to protect yourselves and stay safe at home and seek medical attention.

Our hours have been adjusted to 8:00 am to 3 pm Daily for coffee. Dining in services run 8am to 2pm. As always, our Coffee Beans will be available in store and for delivery. We are currently working to have our coffee blends online for easy ordering on this website. If you have any immediate questions please contact;

 250-338-5592 or 250-218-8688 or info@rhodoscoffee.ca

Thank you

Dale and Shannon.